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This course aims to give the student a knowledge of basic New Testament Greek language, theology and exegesis. The latter is based on John 1:1-18. J. G. Machen chapters 1-13 are studied. In addition, a Student should also have read F. F. Bruce New Testament History, and New Testament Theology by Leon Morris chapters 12-22 before beginning the New Testament 1 course (these are not included in any examination but are required reading).


New Testament 1
This course builds upon what was learned before, extending the knowledge of the language (J. G. Machen chapters 14-22), and focusing on Mark chapters 13-16 for exegesis. The textbook for New Testament theology is by Leon Morris’s New Testament Theology.


New Testament 2
In this course, Machen chapters 23-33 are studied and attention is given to exegesis (Romans chapters 3-11), several points in Intermediate Greek and also contemporary issues in New Testament theology are addressed in lectures. At the end of the course guidance is given regarding the use of New Testament Greek in the Ministry.


Students are set doctrinal and exegetical essays, and are encouraged to read widely. Lecture material refers to relevant books and articles. A study guide will be issued to all students on commencement of their first year and it will be expected that they will, as far as possible, adhere to the requirements of this schedule, which includes the submission of exercises to the lecturer for marking. Extra help with Greek grammar and language may be arranged with the lecturer should the student feel his need for this.

The lecturer may be contacted by e-mail or by telephone, out of class hours, if occasional help is needed.



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