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Apologetics & Pastoral Theology


The course covers three academic years. In the case of four-year students Year 2 will be taken in their second year and Year 3 in their fourth year. There will be a class assignment for the 1st and 2nd terms with an end of term exam at the discretion of the lecturer. There will also be a final end of year exam.

Year 1:
1st Term:
1. Basic Hermeneutics — These lectures are intended to give a basic introduction to Hermeneutics and will include the following:

  • Canon and Text — A theological approach

  • Definition and necessity of hermeneutics

  • Determining the meaning of the text

  • Special Biblical Hermeneutics including poetry, figurative language, prophecy, typology, parables and proverbs.

2nd & 3rd Terms:
2. Homiletics — These lectures are intended to give practical help with the preparation and preaching of sermons and include the following:
Types of sermons:

  • Definition, usefulness and selection of preaching portion
    including practical guidance on how to divide larger portions of the Word into manageable preaching portions

  • Interrogating the text

  • Discovering the purpose of the text and sermon structure

  • Application — The act of preaching itself



Year 2:
The whole academic year is given over to the study of Apologetics. Consideration will be given to a number of apologetic topics including:

  • A survey of some of the most common approaches to Apologetics

  • Epistemology

  • Natural Theology: Proofs for the existence of God –Biblical evidences

  • The problem of evil

  • Worldviews

  • Postmodernism


Year 3:
1st Term:

Pastoral Theology — In this term practical advice is given in matters connected with the work of the pastorate, including the following:

  • The Call to the Ministry - The Minister’s Self Watch including advice on Time management and Habits of Study – Prayer – Visitation - Pastoral Leadership

  • The Administration of the Sacraments - The Conducting of Special Services (Weddings, Funerals etc.) - The Regulative Principle

2nd & 3rd Term:
Pastoral Ethics — The outline for this part of the course is still
being developed but it is hoped to study the nature and content of
Biblical ethics and deal with some of the more common ethical
problems likely to be encountered in the ministry.


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