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Hebrew & Old Testament


Hebrew language.
This is the Introductory course in elementary Biblical Hebrew. The course is based on J. Weingreen’s A Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew and aims to give a good working knowledge of the Hebrew language, theology and exegesis. 
Live lessons are given throughout the Session in a virtual classroom to assist students through the coursework. In addition, exegesis of Genesis 1:1-31 and Psalm 110:1-7 is undertaken so that the student may interact with the original text.

Year 1 – Junior Old Testament
This course of sixty-five lectures is divided into four modules:


  • The Pentateuch

  • The Historical Books

  • The Poetic Books

  • The Prophetic Books

The books of the Old Testament are studied from four viewpoints; 

  1. Historical Analysis

  2. Literary Analysis

  3. Thematic Analysis

  4. New Testament Analysis


This part of the course will be language inclusive.

Year 2 – Senior Old Testament
Lectures in Old Testament theology are given based on the
Westminster Confession of Faith.


This part of the course will be language inclusive.

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